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Back 2 Health Chiropractic Reviews

When I first met Dr. Anderson I was a little hesitant about the whole chiropractic thing. My first and only visit to a chiropractor had been terrifying. I met Dr. Anderson at a health seminar and she did a scan on me which showed muscle tensions exactly where I was feeling it. I decided I would give chiropractic another chance. I am almost 40 years old and this is the best I have ever felt. Kim M. – Meridian After many years of having severe back and leg problems, I am so thankful that I found Dr. Anderson! I have had MRI’s and X-rays, been prescribed tons of medication, seen MD’s and Orthopedic doctors, wore a back brace, and then saw a pain doctor. I am allergic to 9 out of 10 medications. I am 67 years old and Dr. Anderson is the only person to relieve my back pain. She also fixed my wrist and shoulder. I can stand for much longer periods of time and can now walk through the grocery store without riding an electric cart. Dr. Anderson is the best! God Bless you! Bonnie – One satisfied patient I was injured in an accident and received a severe concussion and whiplash. The next few weeks and months I saw several doctors and had CT scans and MRIs. I was sick and tired of taking pills and just seemed to make things worse. Eventually I went to a pain center and was sent to a massage therapist and she recommended Dr. Anderson. Treatment began after a heat scan and X-rays and I was beginning to walk normally and was able to stop using a walker and cane. I was released to go back to work part time and was feeling like myself once again. I highly recommend Dr. Anderson and she specializes in bulging discs. Becky R. – Emmett